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We are UPGRADING to a new system, stay tuned for updated links!

Hello to patients established with PearceMD!

Welcome Back!

This page is designed to simplify your communication with PearceMD. If you don't see an easy way to request or accomplish what you need, please let us know!

We believe health care does not have to be hard. 

Schedule, Reschedule, or Cancel a Follow-Up Visit

Submit documents to Reimbursify*

(*applicable to patients under the age of 65)

Request a Medication Refill

Request Reimbursement Documents

(Receipt, Superbill, Invoice)

Leave a review

We love hearing from our patients!

Request access to our new Patient Portal

 Reimbursement Information



Dr. Pearce has partnered with, a company created to streamline the reimbursement submission process for patients who see providers "out of network".


PearceMD is "in-network" with Aetna, Taro Health, and Maine Community Health Options. We are "out of network" for all other commercial insurance carriers, Medicare, and Maine Care. For patients with commercial insurance and UNDER the age of 64.5 years, there is an option to submit your paperwork (see below) and request reimbusement from your carrier.


There is no guarantee that reimbursement will be granted, and eligibility depends on your carrier's terms and your to-date deductible, etc.  

Necessary Paperwork for Submission:

  • Receipt of Payment

  • Superbill

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