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Symptoms and Conditions Treated


The ear has many parts and is highly sensitized: outer, ear canal, middle ear, and the inner ear. These all work together to help us hear the world around us. The system is extremely complex and when something is off, it's hard to ignore!


The tongue, tonsils, spit glands, and lining of the mouth are all areas we treat as ENTs!


Dr. Pearce sees patients of all ages, including children! She is not currently performing surgery on children, see list below, but will happily and quickly schedule you and your child for a thorough evaluation, answers, and peace of mind.


Arguably one of the coolest body parts, the nose has many important jobs, nerves, and hence, conditions that require an ENT!


Our voice is crucial, complex, and for most people, necessary to our livelihood!

Elderly Patients

Dr. Pearce believes age is a state of mind, but she also knows certain ENT conditions appear and worsen as the body grows older. She loves to help patients understand and treat these specific conditions, you don't need to suffer!


The throat has many jobs: swallowing, breathing, and our immune system


Balance is a complex, vital sense that is sometimes tied to the inner ear, and sometimes unrelated!

I'm curious, are my ears healthy?

Have you wondered about the health and anatomy of your ear canals, nasal septum, etc? We are happy to see you for an Ear, Nose, and/or Throat Health exam and Dr. Pearce loves to capture photos for you to see!

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