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The ear has many parts and is highly sensitized: outer, ear canal, middle ear, and the inner ear. These all work together to help us hear the world around us and understand where we are in space. The system is extremely complex and our brain prefers input on both sides is equal. When something is off, it's hard to ignore. Dr. Pearce likes to say: "the ear gets insulted easily and can pout for a long time!"

Ear Conditions and Symptoms Treated:

  • Ear pain/fullness

  • Itchy ears/ear drainage

  • Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)

  • Swimmer's Ear infection

  • Middle ear infection/fluid

  • Decreased/muffled hearing

  • Meniere's Disease

  • Ear Wax Removal

  • Mastoid Bowl cleaning

  • Ear tube placement and management

  • Hearing loss (Sudden or Gradual)

  • Vertigo (see "Balance")

  • Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

  • Foreign body stuck in the ear canal

  • Ear drum perforation from trauma, infection, injury

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