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At PearceMD, we are proud to announce multiple office updates to better serve and connect with our patients.

We appreciate your patience during the updates and apologize for any duplicate reminders! Updates include a new patient portal, online scheduling, a new electronic medical record system, and an updated appointment reminder system! As always your personal information has been kept secure.

You deserve optimized ear & airway health, now.

Girl Relaxing


Un-rushed, simplified
Ear Nose & Throat Care
delivered directly to you
without the hurdles or
limitations of insurance. 


Conveniently located in Falmouth!

Clear senses and peace of mind are available for you.

At PearceMD, we believe you are meant to thrive, not just survive.
When your symptoms are addressed and senses optimized,
your quality of life will improve.


The ability to smell, taste, swallow, breathe, and have balance are vital to survival. All of these help us stay safe, retrieve memories, and interact with the world and others.

You deserve to have optimized senses. 


Have you thought or been told that your chronic congestion, ear ringing, or throat clearing are "unimportant" issues that you will "just have to live with"? Daily annoyances negatively affect quality of life for you and your family.


Relief is possible when we partner together.


With age or illness, our senses can decline. Whether abruptly or slowly, a lost sense of hearing, smell, taste, or balance can negatively affect mood and identity.


We'll work to improve all your senses. It starts with an evaluation. 


Now Available: 

A refreshing

The Direct Specialty Care Model restores autonomy to the patient-physician​ relationship by removing the middlemen

  • Un-rushed clinic visits with time to discuss all of your concerns and questions

  • Direct-pay at the time of visit, no surprise bills and no coverage denials

  • Paperwork support for commercial insurance reimbursement claims

  • The only ENT in Maine offering home visits

  • Timely scheduling so you can skip urgent care/the ER and go straight to a specialist

As a Mainer who loves spending time outdoors and with others, I appreciate how discouraging it can be to have a dulled sense of breathing, smell, hearing, or taste. As a board certified Otolaryngologist, it is my greatest joy to watch my patients discover relief and clarity in their ear, nose, and throat health so that they can return to meaningful interactions with others and the world.  The benefits extend to family members and our community at large: we were born for communication and sensory experiences. 


My heart is in this work because I believe people deserve timely, unhindered, and compassionate care so they can feel their best.

Dr. Liz Pearce




Three Easy Steps to Gain Clarity, Quickly

1. Schedule a free 15-minute phone call to meet Dr. Pearce

Let's chat to discuss your needs, answer your questions about the clinic, and ensure Dr. Pearce is the right fit for you. Because we are direct-pay, you will not have to wait for referral processing, insurance approval/denial, or unnecessary hurdles. Transparent cash pricing means you will always know in advance the cost of your visit and recommended procedures.

No referral needed, no cost for the Intro Call.

2. See Dr. Pearce in clinic or in your home

During your un-rushed clinic visit we will talk about what’s happening with your ear/nose/throat and how we can work together to improve your symptoms and quality of life. You'll feel seen and heard, plus well-informed about your anatomy and available treatment options. 

You'll walk away with answers and a customized plan. 

3. Experience peace of mind and relief of your symptoms

You will feel empowered to manage your health with ongoing assistance from Dr. Pearce as needed. Direct care means easy patient-doctor communication and unhampered follow-up scheduling  You deserve to feel your best. You can trust that your doctor knows and supports you and is only a call/text/email away.

You'll be so glad you invested in yourself.


  • To be seen by a Board Certified Ear Nose and Throat Doctor within a few weeks and sometimes next/same day

  • Easy scheduling and direct communication with your doctor

  • Un-rushed visits and personalized care focused on the whole person

  • Non-surgical options available in the office

You Deserve: 

Patient Testimonials


“If you are looking for the best ENT doctor in Maine, I would definitely recommend Elizabeth Pearce and you will not be disappointed. I had the best experience with her. She tried her best to schedule me at her earliest, which was very very quick. I called her on Friday and she scheduled me for a Monday appointment, when no other ENT's had any availability for at least 3 or 4 months out.


She made me feel really comfortable, listened to me, did a complete evaluation, and explained everything in great detail. She also followed up after the appointment and is open to any questions or concerns afterwards. I would give her 5 stars".   

-Sept 2022

Image by Mick Haupt

Feel Better & Gain Clarity 

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